If you are looking for flooring with appearance, durability, and style, look no further. Luxury vinyl flooring is what you want. It can go in every room in the house and make your home beautiful.

Two types

There are two types of luxury vinyl: plank and tile, LVP, and LVT. LVP comes in planks of different lengths and widths. With today’s imaging technology, it looks just like what it mimics. The core is waterproof so that water won't curl, warp, or ripple when exposed to it. It is ideal for basements, where the dampness is a little higher than average.

LVT comes in tile format. A little firmer than LVP, it is also waterproof. It looks and feels just like ceramic tile. It can go in the kitchen or the bathroom. LVT is so convincing with its appearance that you may have a hard time telling the difference between vinyl and ceramic.

Multilayer Construction

LVF is constructed in multiple layers. It has several layers pressed together, a backing layer, a design layer, and a top layer. Some manufacturers even put another layer on top of the top layer as a wear-and-tear layer to prolong the floor's life. Most luxury vinyl plank and luxury vinyl tile have a design layer that is 8 millimeters thick. However, you can have that thickened to 20 millimeters to have a longer lifespan of the material. The thicker core resists dents, scratches, and scuffs with ease.


The pictures on the design layer are three-dimensional, so there is a depth to them. The pictures look exactly like what they represent: wood, stone, tile, or brick. Vinyl can come in brilliant colors and patterns that match with any tile floor or hardwood species. The flooring is embossed and micro-beveled to give it an aged look.

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