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Go the extra mile with carpet

There are so many reasons to love carpet flooring. It's beautiful, durable, and offers an excellent lifespan when properly installed and maintained. It's also an excellent choice for a wide variety of rooms.

No matter what kind of decor you already have in place in your home, the solid colors, patterns, and designs in this floor covering will always be a great match. But there’s so much more you should know about these floors.

We want to help you find the perfect carpet

Marchio Tile & Carpet Inc. is a carpet retailer that proudly serves the communities of Lockport, Homer Township, Crest Hill, Romeoville, Lemont, Manhattan, New Linux, Frankfort, Elwood, and Kankakee, all from our showrooms in Lockport, IL and Crest Hill, IL.

We invite you to visit us soon, to find out exactly how we can get your flooring project started. In addition to our amazing customer service, our experience and professionalism will speak for themselves.

Carpet benefits you can’t afford to miss

Everyone loves the soft, plush underfoot feel that comes with all carpet flooring. It’s not only the most comfortable floor covering available, but it also makes an excellent surface for young children. A stabler surface means fewer falls, and fewer injuries if they do happen.

That same softness is also responsible for the amazing heat retention you’ll experience in the colder months. Acting just like an extra layer of insulation, carpet can reduce your energy bills enough to take notice. But don’t forget the noise reduction that will leave you with a calm, peaceful atmosphere.
Luxury carpet in Lockport, IL from Marchio Tile & Carpet Inc.

Great looking floor for years to come

The newest benefit some manufacturers have to offer is astounding stain protection. With the protection built into the flooring’s fibers, your floors will stay cleaner longer, leaving you with a great looking floor for years to come. Better still, it protects just as well against foul odors as well, which can often be directly related to the stain.

Without the ability to soak into the fibers, stains can easily be lifted off during your next cleaning. Professional cleanings are quicker and easier too and help add to your flooring’s ability to reach its expected lifespan with no problem.

Make sure to choose a professional installation when you choose carpet. Instead of worrying about wrong measurements, seam separation, or premature bunching or balding, you’ll have a perfectly installed floor that you’ll enjoy for many years ahead.