Tile flooring in Joliet, IL


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Tile flooring in Joliet, IL

If you're looking for the best tile flooring in Joliet, IL, you should stop by our store. These products offer exceptional durability, stunning visuals, and an extensive lifespan. Plenty of other materials could meet your needs, but these could be the perfect match in every room to remain as long as you're in your home.

Tile is a unique and versatile flooring choice

The look is the first thing you’ll notice when choosing tile flooring. There are extensive ways to meet your décor matching needs in this product line, including color, design, shape, size, and installation layout, to name only a few. At our tile store, you can choose a one-of-a-kind mosaic or design or choose from a current trend that could keep your home stylish for decades.

Durability is a highly sought-after feature in this product line and is responsible for lifespans that can easily surpass over 50 years. Professional installation and regular care are essential to ensure the longest possible lifespan, and we'll give you tips on maintaining your tile flooring right from the start. You can also use rugs or runners to protect the tiles and the intended lifespan they bring.

Installing ceramic or porcelain tiles can take time, especially in larger areas, because of the steps involved in the process. Drying times are needed between stages, and the grout work also takes time to set correctly. Once you choose your materials and installation layout preferences, we'll give you all the details about your personalized tile installation and provide you with plenty of time to ask questions about the materials or services.

Choose our tile store for your flooring needs

At Marchio Tile & Carpet Inc., we offer quality materials for residential and commercial use, representing all major manufacturers with the service you need. From product selection at our tile store through installation and cleanup, we work in the professional manner you expect, from small custom projects to substantial commercial complexes and everything in between. Since 1970, we have provided craftsmanship and integrity that improve our customers' lives, and we continue to do so.

We invite you to visit our showroom in Lockport, IL, whenever you're in the area to discuss your requirements and preferences with our experienced staff. We're here to serve you, along with clients from Lockport, IL, Homer Township, IL, Crest Hill, IL, Romeoville, IL, Lemont, IL, Manhattan, IL, New Lenox, IL, Frankfort, IL, Elwood, IL, and Kankakee, IL. For example, if you need tile flooring in Joliet, IL, stop by today so we can help you start your remodeling project.